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YSR Radar life locator




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    • Manufacturer:TOPSKY
    • Model: YSR
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YSR Radar life locator

Model: YSR

YSR Radar Life Locator uses ultra wideband (UWB) radar technology to improve the odds of rescue following structural collapses due to weather, fire or catastrophic attack, avalanches, flash floods, earthquakes or other natural disasters. The life locator is ideally suited for life rescue, locating victims by sensing even the minor movements of shallow breathing. The working range is over 25m. YSR Radar life locator has proven to be an effective tool in detecting life signs like breathing and movement at building collapse locations.

It is consist of Radar sensor and PDA. The Radar transmit the data to PDA via WIFI. And the operator can read the detect info on PDA. It is farther range, high resolution and easier use than other devices.


The YSR life locator can be widely used in earthquake ,avalanches, flash floods or other natural disasters。


Portable and lightweight

Excellent detection range

Work in tough situation

Easy operation, no need professional training

Easy to deploy

Low power requirement


Type: ultra wideband (UWB) radar

Motion detection: up to 25m

Breathing detection: up to 20m

Accuracy: 10CM

PDA SIZE: 7 inch LCD

Wireless range: up to 100m

Windows system: windows mobile 6。0

Start up time: less than 1 minute

Battery time: up to 10h

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